Hockey Drill Demonstration


Teams start at a different drill station and will rotate through each drill after 1minute.

  • The Yellow station is all about Dribbling , players have to get there feet round and dribbling in and out the cones using thier front stick only and treating the cones like player. Once they are at the top they should perform a push pass back to the next player in line.
  • The green station is about Control of the ball. Players have to dribble at pace and aproach the right side of the cone to do a 360 rotation round. It is important to highlight the fact that players must cover the ball, to stop the ball running away from them and increasing the chances of good control. 
  • The red station is based on how to elimate a player and use the skill of Reverse drag, players dribble up to the left red cone and then turn the stick in thier hand so that the hock of the stick is pointing downwards, then sidesteping they should drag the ball across thier body and then continue to dribble forwards.
  • The blue station is all about Passing, player must pass around the triangle or square, to try and gain as many passes as possible. (make this into a square for larger numbers e.g 4's)

All balls should be left at the previous station when teams move on.  

Coaching points

Make sure that all players know what the key elemet of each station is.

Remind players to"Bend your kness not your back" and to keep the ball close to thier stick.

all players should be going at a pace about 60% of thier max. when running.

Yellow- players should use thier basic grip, keep thier head up and make sure that they go through the cones not over. Fast feet, to get them into a good body postiton. 

Green players have to use basic grips also and keep the ball close to their stick. it is all about control at this station so make sure they do it at their own pace.

Red players must use their reverse drag, walk them through it first and point out that they have to turn the stick Using thIer right hand at the top.

Blue,make sure that players know how to stop the ball,tell them to get low and use the whole side of the stick to make it easier.


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