Hockey Drill Demonstration


The first phase of The Transfer - restarting after a FHD or a 16.

Coaching points

  • The weak-side FB always sets up deep and across the goal to the ball-playing (strong-side) FB.
  • Both HBs are high (beyond the 23m) and wide, creating favourable passing lanes and discouraging the opposition from pressing too high.
  • The strong side FB's primary look is towards the strong-side HB.  If the pass is on, then give it.  The FB then sprints to take up a position 10-15yards behind, and directly in line with, the HB.  This player will be the 'safety' read if the HB is put under pressure.
  • The weak-side FB comes higher and more central, around between the penalty flick marker and the top of the D.  This player will become the HB's primary read, if there is no clear opportunity to advance the ball downfield.
  • The weak side HB drifts infield, to provide cover in the centre if the ball is lost.

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