Hockey Drill Demonstration


Running the gauntlet:

2 tackle boxes starting either side of the D. One defender starts at back of each tackle box. Attacker starts at blue cone and aims to get through red cones.

Whichever player wins the ball in the tackle box (attacker or defender) progresses to next box or turns and has a shot on goal. The player who didn’t win the ball stays in tackle box to defend next attacker.

Defenders to practice jab tackle


Practice logging in opposite goal.

Defensive techniques:

Jab tackle: frying pan grip. Hands apart. Stay on balls of feet, balanced and keep their distance.
Jab in and out quickly back to start position
Two hands on stick apart from actual ‘jab.’

PALM = positive, aggressive, low, mobile

Positive – go forward rather than sink deep to make tackle. Go towards the player and be 1.5 strides away

Aggressive – be strong and decisive in the tackle

Low – left hand low (2 hands on stick)

Mobile – stay on toes and be able to change direction whilst staying low.

Channel the attacker wide.

Attacking techniques:

Elimination skills e.g. 3D skills, V-drag, drive defender’s left foot space

Don’t turn back on defender, use a change of pace.

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