Hockey Drill Demonstration


Practice and progressions:

2 lines of players outside the 25. Player on left passes to player on right. Player on right drives ball to back line and passes to ‘p’ spot. At the same time, player on left makes a curved run to ‘p’ spot, receives ball and slap or push the ball into corner of goal.



1 defender starting in the D

4v3 attacking right channel

5v4 attacking right channel



Focus on ball; hands together or apart and low to ground; low body position for power and to sweep stick along ground; feet sideways, step forward (lunge) to meet the ball; ball level with left foot, 1 stick length away; sweep stick in arc from behind right foot and follow through to target

Player on p spot to control ball with first touch and use second touch to direct ball into either corner of goal.

Timing of run to ‘p’ spot. Q&A reason for curved runs.

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