Hockey Drill Demonstration


5v4 in attacking third. One extra defender to rotate in. Attackers position themselves anywhere in the third at start of drill.

Ball starts with attackers in centre mid position.

Attackers aim to score goal, defenders aim to score in wide goals on edge of defensive third.

Attackers must complete a transfer before they can go to score.

Extra goal awarded to attack or defence for each additional successful transfer.

Half way through, Q&A what is working and how to improve.

During this drill, assistant coach to work on core skills with individual players in another area of the pitch.


6v5 Start from defensive 16. Attackers to press and win ball.


Set up 5-3-2 formation.


Stretch the play to create angles. Always have one player deep as a pivot.

Recognise when either side of the pitch is congested and use this as a cue to transfer. Players to call the transfer.

If play is high on the right side, left attackers to sink deeper and tuck in and vice versa.


Maintain angles, avoid being flat.

Aim to channel the attacker with ball out wide: right shoulder to right shoulder if channelling to the left; left shoulder to left shoulder if channelling right; 1.5 stick distance away from attacker.

Don’t dive in with tackle.


Communicate to the defenders: defender either goes to ball player or free player.

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