Hockey Drill Demonstration


This is effectively a game of 7 v 7 where the defense need to control the ball into one of the two boxes of cones whilst the attack needs to gain possession through the use of a screen and score a goal. 

The game starts with a 16 and the screen is set. Run this game at game pace, if the attack are too slow to set a screen the defense can start when they're ready. 

CF fronts the screen and after the pass is completed moves to block the possibility of a pass back. 

RW in this case moves across the line and blocks off the line option before confronting the defender. 

LW in this case moves in to block the potential of an infield pass and will be backed up by their midfield. 

The left and Right halves would block the line ball off as shown in the diagram.

Although a semi complex screen, it's extremely useful for dictating the other team before closing them down. 

Also the movements of the attacking three are effectively moving to box the defenders in. a 16 yard hit from the side could start in this boxed in position. 

Coaching points

Offer the defense a few 'get out of jail free' opportunities to try hit the ball through the screen to test it out. The key to this screen is to block off the central balls. 

Walk through the phases for the attacking three to help them understand. 

Change the position up for the 16's across the turf and encourage the defense to race the screen to be ready and start. 

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