Hockey Drill Demonstration


Opposition outletting with 4 defenders, a centre half and 2 inside forwards. Our 3 strikers, 1 attacking midfielder and centre half pressing.

Coaching points

CF - Right foot to right foot, as 16 is taken, run towards the taker, and along the line that the ball as taken, so as to stop the direct ball back.

LF - If ball goes to RH, confront via the line (run on an arc) to stop the easy ball down the line. Stay goalside of him to not be eliminated with one pass. If ball goes to other side, track across and cover middle of ground.

RF - Position so as not to get beaten through centre of ground, but also to be close enough to close down LH when he receives it. If ball goes to opposite side, cover middle of ground.

AM - Fill the gap between RF and CF. Mark CH if able to fill gap at the same time, otherwise mark the space and leave the CH.

CHs - One steps up to fill hole between LF and CF, mark opposition Inside Forward if needed, if not, fill the space. Other CH covers hotline to goal.

Defence - One FB marking, the other free. LH and RH holding a high line to allow CH and AM to leave their men to fill the gaps. Overheads not an issue at this level.

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