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- Attacking priciples include:

- Support & depth in attack

- Mobility in attack

- Width & space in attack

- Penetration, including change of pace

Create a Numerical Advantage Against Defenders
- through isolating defenders, taking quick passes & free hits, timing leading runs, passing & following, & giving simple passes, teams can make the most of numerical advantages

Ball Carrier
- teams need to support & provide passing/movement options for ball carrier
- look to open space
- static player easy for defender to mark
- move away from defender then make leading runs into space

Get ahead of the Ball
- by getting ahead of ball carrier, forward players can create danger in front of ball for opposing defenders

Maintain Possession
- use possession wisely in order to create scoring opportunities
- dont force passs if its not on
- switch ball across to oppose side then back etc.

Coaching points

Support in attack
- eg: passing backwards
- players ahead of the ball carrier can provide support by stretching the game & posting up

Mobility in attack
- keep moving, but be static
- practice - timing, support, creating & maintaining space, effective movement

Width & space in attack
- use & be aware of width of pitch
- can stretch play - defenders having more space to cover & defend
- create holes within defence
- more room to attack in

- creating 2v1 situations means attackers should away beat defender as they have more passing/movement options
- identifying & using space important
- more space created higher chances of successfully penetrating move
passes made must be accurate & deceptive to effectively move ball into space

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