Change Soccer

category: Conditioned-games

Position 3 players who link arms or hold hands on the goal line. Play 3 v 3 until coach shouts, "Change!" then the chain breaks and ...

Soccer Cricket

category: Conditioned-games

Make two teams of 6. The coach is the pitcher. He stands in a 5 x 5 yard area 10 yards from the wickets (5 cones in a row). Position one cone 10 yards...

Total Soccer

category: Conditioned-games

Play a game of 3 v 3. Each team elects a goalkeeper that is allowed to use their hands in the defensive area as well as go forward as an outfield play...

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Kitten Plays Soccer

yes yes yes, I think this could really catch on, Sportplan sometimes take themselves too seriously

More dog videos

I would like to see more dog videos on Sportplan, I spend all day on the internet and Sportplan is the one website with no dog or cat videos. Why?