Finding Space and Finishing inside the Box

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Finishing in front of goalWith up to 22 players (and a referee) the playing field can be a highly congested area where it's difficult find space to receive the ball.

The aim of this session is to get your players creating space with positive movement and then using the space created to finish effectively. This session also works on the quality and timing of passes into players who are finding space inside the box.

To get all your players checking out and feinting to gain the extra yard this session encourages players to be imaginative when creating space, and clinical in front of goal - to ensure they can hit the back of the net!

What are we looking for?

For some inspiration get your players to watch clips of Luis Suarez's constant movement which leaves defenders for dead and gives him that vital bit of space he needs to score a goal.

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Finding Space and Finishing inside the Box
Kelli Givens
South Africa Kelli Givens

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