Wembley Singles/Doubles

category: Conditioned-games

Stop after every couple of mins for dynamic stretches (open/close the gate, lunges, ... punters). conditioned games, finishing, football, soccer, war...

Speed Sidesteps

category: 1-v-1-skills

Soccer Speed Sidesteps 1 v 1 skills Players run towards each other, and then sidestep around each other at the last moment. Ensure players communic...

Web Videos

Blaine soccer club dynamic warmup

Twin Cities Orthopedics has developed a dynamic warmup for all Blaine Soccer Club teams to follow to help players prepare to perform their best and re...


Community Drills

Warm Up

Dynamic stretches and jogging in areaOne ball in area high five then moveOne bounce3 balls one two catching one on floor to play with feet oneSwap


Players perform dynamic stretches through cones and around top cone In 1v1 situation A dribbles ball from their cone to D's cone, at first D is pa...

Warm Up:

In pairs, a player will hold a ball. The other player will do short 10m relay jogs. Each time this player returns to his team mate he will do 5x passe...

Warm Up

Small run around pitchesDynamic stretches led by ArtemTogether as a team