Build Up Play

It’s all very well having a great striker up top, but if you’re not able to build the play to get it to them, it will be tough to reap the rewards. Therefore, develop the teams understanding of how to build sustained attacking pressure with sensible, clever play. Use this session to teach players how across the whole pitch.

What’s in the Session?

Start with a fun game of Trains & Carriages to get the team into the right frame of mind and physically ready for the session. In the technical part of the session, the practices looks at patterns of play in relation to where the ball is and the situation players find themselves in. The coach should be really emphasising and making the players recognise the value of switching the ball across the back four to attack the space on the other side of the pitch. Patience and high quality basics is an absolute necessity for the practice to be successful. Finish with a conditioned game with four goals to really make the players appreciate the value of patient play that switches the game and utilises space.

Build up your attacks patiently and effectively to create space elsewhere on the pitch to attack. This session is great for defenders and midfielders to get accustomed to getting the bal at their feet and playing short, then repositioning to get the ball back.

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