Corner Line Tag

category: Tag-Rugby

The aim is that when the coach signals the start the defending players will spread across to the other side of the field quickly and defend the entire...

Rugby Octopus

category: Tag-Rugby

The aim of this game is to increase player defence and decision making. Set up a field about 15m long by 10m wide. Keep it narrow to give he defender...

Switch Back Flick

category: Sevens

The ball carrier advances, running diagonally across the grid with the player on the other cone doing the same, but with a delay. The ball carrier ca...

Tabata Touch

category: Tag-Rugby

You can play any version of touch you like, I'm going to suggest One Touch Off-Load - but you can change this to suit your training goals for the sess...

Web Videos

Rugby 101: the tackle

NBC 4 Sports' tackles rugby as we prepare for the USA 7's Collegiate Rugby Championship that's coming to Columbus in June.