Static Flat Pass

category: Passing

The aim of the drill is to develop a short push pass. Coaching points.

L-Shaped Passing

category: Sevens

Rugby L-Shaped Passing Sevens Lets get the ball and the players moving with lateral passing through the hands. Each training area only needs one ball,...

Short Passing

category: Passing

Rugby Short Passing Passing Give each training area one ball to start with and tell the players the following...... Lets just get the ball moving down...

2 V 1

category: Passing

Rugby 2 v 1 Passing This is a simple 2 v 1. The two players have to get past the one defender without being touched, that's it. The defender will star...

Web Videos

Rugby passing session | @rugbybricks

Partner Passing Session ⏱ 14Min Passing Session Grab your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister pr who ever you can find and give this passing session a try!


Community Drills

touch tennis

two teams on eather side of the cones the obecetive of the game is to keep the ball of your side by rugby passing

Rugby Passing 1

Start activity in the right grid, simple line passing (can incorporate loops, skips as needed later). Then after completing one or two passes move to ...