Realignment And Passing

category: Match-Related

Rugby Realignment and Passing Match Related Out in 4s - simple hands - When players reach the end they should turn left. Group realigns around the co...


category: Tackling

Rugby Realign Tackling The first player moves forwards, makes contact with the tackle bag and retreats diagonally to the line of cones. The next play...


category: Tackling

Rugby 4v3-realign Tackling 4 sausages 4 Bags The sausages and bags are lined up alternately in a line. 8 defenders start lined up outside of the tack...

Round And Realign

category: Passing

Rugby Round and Realign Passing Tell your players the following...... There will be one ball to each group, any player can be the ball carrier. On GO...


Community Drills

Counter Attack- Realignment

Counter Attack Realignment drill with built in 4 v 2 (or optional 3)Counter Attacking Drill with Realignment and 4 v 2. Players must react to coa...