category: Backs-Moves

Rugby Leinster Backs Moves Use the diagram as a starting point for players. 10 advances carrying the ball, inviting the defence to press up on the at...

Backsmove - Slice

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby BacksMove - Slice Backs Moves - Essentially 12+13 swap places. - This will make their opposite track them - The 13 runs an out and in hardline....

Two Dummy Runners

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby Two Dummy Runners Backs Moves 9 10 12 13 14 with 15 running a dummy underline.

Passing Grid

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby Passing Grid Backs Moves Set up a grid of about 10 x 10 Aim to have 12 attackers and 2 defenders 3 attackers spread out on each side of the squ...

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