Rugby Cricket Fielding

category: Passing

Rugby Rugby Cricket Fielding Passing Coach stands in the middle of a semi circle of 6-10 players, holding a ball. One player throws a ball at the coa...

Stuck In The Mud - Rugby Style

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Stuck In The Mud - Rugby Style Warm Up The 'Hunters' run after the 'Runners', trying to touch them with the rugby ball. If a 'Runner' is touche...

Modified Game - 12 Vs 12

category: Match-Related

Rugby Modified Game - 12 vs 12 Match Related Pupils are put into teams of 12 (with larger groups reserves maybe used). Play a full game incorporating...

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Community Drills

Agility-Warm up- Ball Skills-

A grid where we work on passing skills, Upper and Lower body warm up and agility skills.Starting on the Red cones the player will pass to which ever w...