Reverse Stick Drag Stage 5

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Reverse stick at this level the reverse stick is used to transfer the ball from left to right and not as a separate technique

Release Tag

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Player without stick has to try and tag as many players with a ball. When a player has been caught he/she has to stand on the spot with feet apart. He...

Island Bulldog

category: Conditioned-Games

All the players with a ball must try and get from one side to the other without having their ball taken from them by the defender.

If they a...

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Community Drills

Wide Goals with Centre Island

Direction play, 6 v 6 with reds attacking blue goals and blues attacking red goals. The yellow area in the middle is a ball free zone. The ball must n...

Sharks and Islands

Point of the games is for the "fish" (players with the ball) to dribbling between the islands. While the "sharks" (players without...