1-2 Through And Shoot

category: 542-attack-free-throws

Blue 6 takes the free throw and passes the ball into the path of blue 3 who starts in the middle of the court. Player 3 then runs with the ball toward...

Pair Attack

category: 314-center-shot

Players take it in turns to attack in a 2 vs 1, with one player from the left pairing with the central player or a player from the right pairing with ...

Down The Defensive Line

category: 542-attack-free-throws

Blue 2 takes the throw and passes out to blue 3 and then moves up court to screen white 3. Meanwhile blue 6 and 4 make their move to the right of the ...

Three Screen Free Throw

category: 542-attack-free-throws

Blue 4 takes the throw and passes out to blue 3. After the pass blue 6 and 4 move up court to screen white 4 and 5. At this point blue 5 moves from th...

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3:2:1 Defensive Setup Session

Get your players creating defensive triangles and closing down the attacking dangers with this week's defensive system session