Defend Breaks 10

category: 328-blocking-ball-and-attackers-ways

Attacker starts dribbling forward to the other side to score a goal. Defender turns around at point A and sprints forward to point B before turning ar...

541 Attacking In Powerplay Situations

category: 541-attacking-in-powerplay-situations

B6 screens W3.Pass B1 (who goes and screens W5)- pass B4-B3 who runs into the gap between the screening players B6 and B1 and throws at the goal.

Pick And Roll - Power Play Decision

category: 541-attacking-in-powerplay-situations

Five players from the attacking team position themselves around the goal area line so that they stretch the defenders. Each of them should be man-mark...

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Best of handball penalty hd

https://www.facebook.com/HandballVideo https://twitter.com/handballvideo Best Of Handball Vol 14 HD Handball - Balonmano - Håndbold - Kézilabda ...



Free throw variations

Use this session to find fresh ideas for attacking from a free throw! Coach your players new techniques to score from a set play.