Handball Game - No Running With The Ball!

category: Conditioned-games

Football Handball Game - No running with the ball! Conditioned games 5 vs 5 game (can be played with or without goals). Game 1: Possession keeping ga...

10 Pass Game

category: small-match-playing

Handball 10 Pass Game small match playing Blue team tries to pass 10 times without losing or dropping the ball. Defending team try to prevent this an...

Handball Rugby Game

category: small-match-playing

Handball Handball rugby game small match playing Playing inside half a court at both sides there is a coned area about 2 meters deep. Each team must ...

Passing Game

category: small-match-playing

Handball passing game small match playing Two teams divided over two sides of the area. Aim of the game : score a point : every player in an area has...

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Mini-Matches - Fun Games Session!

Make training a bit more competitive. Put your players up against each other in this fun mini-matches session and see just how much they get out of it...