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Face Vault Straight

category: Key-3-Face-Vault

Gymnastics Face Vault Straight Key 3 Face Vault Using a cross box and spring board take a three step run up and hurdle step on to spring board. Lift ...

Straight Jump From Springboard

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Straight

Gymnastics Straight Jump from Springboard Key 4 Content Trampette Straight From a 4m run take off one foot to land on spring board with both feet tog...

Straight Vault

category: Key-4-content-Vault-Work

Gymnastics Straight Vault Key 4 content Vault Work Using a long box and spring board take a fast run up and hurdle step on to spring board. Lift gain...

Shoulder Balances

category: Key-3-Balance

Gymnastics Shoulder Balances Key 3 Balance From Long Sit raise arms to point away from shoulders and rock ... Extend legs and body to gain straight b...

Straight Line Clockwise Cartwheel

category: Key-3-Wheels

Gymnastics Straight line clockwise cartwheel Key 3 Wheels Teach Cartwheel Progressions on floor 'Fan Cartwheel' Hands are placed in a straight line; ...

Assisted Straight Jump

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Straight

Gymnastics Assisted Straight Jump Key 4 Content Trampette Straight Working in pairs the gymnast stands with arms horizontal. The supporter stands beh...

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Community Drills

front tuck

Tuck happens in small boxstraight entry line, quick tuck, straight exit lineup up, pull tuck, open out land

Autosave 51727469

The number game - run around - shout a number - they have to get into groups with that amount - eg if you shout 2, they have to get into pairsOnce the...

Autosave 56147858

Gymnastics warm upTwo footed straight jump over skipping rope-Arms by ears, legs squezzed together. Seat drops- hand next to legs when landing.&n...