Attacking Front Foot Drives

category: Front-foot-batting

Player 2 throws. Each batsman has 3 consecutive balls, then goes to the back of the queue. If you leave a ball you get another go. The ball should be ...

One Handed Drive

category: Extras

Drill designed to increase power of top hand, and reduce use of bottom hand in strokes. Attacking stroke, played to a full delivery, using a ‘bobble...

Driving For Boundaries

category: Front-foot-batting

1 side bats and the other fields. Each batter gets 3 feeds each and extra ones if they hit the ball over the boundary, and if the ball if left another...

Bobble Feed Drill

category: Front-foot-batting

Each batter gets 6 feeds. Drill is best done in nets where available (2 grounds per net in opposite directions). Can be done in pairs/ groups of three...

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Rainy Day Indoor Batting Session

Front and Back Foot batting session - Whatever the weather decides to do make sure you're prepared with this indoor or outdoor driving session!