Rainy days - Indoor cricket session

As the sping weather changes from day to day now might be the time to go back indoors and practice in the dry. To help you train out of the rain we've created this indoor session to work on bowling accuracy and batting proficiency through use of a batting net drills and fun conditioned games.

If the sun is shining though don't despair - you can use this fun session with your players indoors or out, with players of all abilities!

We start this week with a rebound bowling drill where players must aim to get the ball bouncing off the wall at a specific height on the wall. After this we test your players' ambidextrous throwing ability, ideally your players' should be able to throw with both hands but is that really the case?

Try this rainy days session - regardless of the weather, rain or shine, it'll put a smile on your players' faces!

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