Choose The End And Back Up

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Cricket Choose the End and back up Ground fielding and throwing 8-10 players per group (set up two drills if coaching a large group) Set up: Player/c...

Two Handed Interception + Backing Up

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Cricket Two Handed interception + Backing up Ground fielding and throwing Player 1 starts on the cone with the ball and rolls the ball out for player...

Under Arm Flick , Shy, Back Up.

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Cricket Under arm flick , shy, back up. Ground fielding and throwing Angled throw a) from left b) from right 1) rolls ball out from left.2) runs in a...

Four Station Drill

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Cricket Four Station Drill Ground fielding and throwing 12 players per group. One stump placed in ... Choose the End and back up Drill Thumbnail View...

Web Videos

Clive rice 36 backing up - batting

Clive Rice world renowned cricket player has put together a series of easy "how to's". Here he shares is knowledge and expertise in an easy to follow ...


Ground Fielding Principles

Help your players avoid fielding follies with this positive fielding session, getting players to meet the ball even on the bumpiest of pitches!

Ground Fielding Principles

Keep it tight in the field and make the batter work for every run! Improve your fielding skills now to keep the runs down and pick up some more wicket...

Backing up in the field

No one enjoys an overthrow. Make sure your fielders are on their toes and alert to any wild shy?s at the stumps!


Community Drills

Dimi Movement off Ball Drill

Batter hits ball out to either sideif ball is hit between the blue and black cones, fielders throw at opposite stumps; back up by other endIf ball is ...

Quickfire Stump Hitting

Set-up – put five single stumps in the ground, with five blue markers opposite about 10m away. Place a ball on each blue marker. Have five different c...

Fielding drill

3 teams throwing at the stumps and backing up / fielding long throws are overarmshort throw is under arm 100 points for a direct hit under are200 poin...