Cricket Drill Demonstration


12 players per group. One stump placed in the middle of a rectangular shape marked out by cones (20m by 30m). Each cone has same number of players at it.

All stations are live every time coach rolls ball out. Coach may roll ball out anywhere they wish.

The nearest player at the cone must call for the ball, pick it up, and throw at the stump. The players from the opposite group in the rectangle are responsible for backing the throw up and returning to the coach.

If the coach rolls the ball down the middle of the two cones the player must decide who goes for the ball as early as possible, to allow the group backing up to adjust accordingly.

Drill continues...

Coaching points

Make players work harder by rolling ball to the side of players.

Players backing up can come up to the stump and a throw over the top may be given (either enforce this as coach or for more advanced players and improving communication let them call this themselves).

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