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Rucking drills for U11's

my U11's are progressing well but still not competing at  rucks/loose play, any suggestions on drills that work on body position and clearing out?


I have attached a good drill which you can use to work on body position etc.. It is quite intensive so they may need a few goes before they get it right - make it fun by getting them all to cheer and encourage each other!

I hope this helps you


Three Player Circuit

Video / Animation
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  • The players in their groups of 3 stand between the lines of the inner square with the working group stood inside the other players.
  • The first group of 3 begins by running across the grid passing the ball. When they reach the centre the ball is put down an they then run at the players with the pads (on their left) each pushing their player to the outer square. The players then swap.
  • The pad players run across to the tackle bags and push and tackle the bags to the outer square.
  • Players swap again now the new 3 players (third group) run to the ball pick it up and take the ball turn right to face the 3 players on the 12 o'clock side of the square and run into contact for the ball carrier to present the ball.
  • This ball is then picked up by the 3 players being pushed back and the drill starts again.
  • Keep the tempo of this exercise high.

Note: You can change the position of each activity within the training area - but that will impact on the instructions to coaches. Players can basically go in any direction, but they do need to communicate and work as a unit. Don't get to hung up on where players should be going, or in what order.

Coaching Points:

Don't feel that you need to focus on all of the following coaching points, pick the points that are most applicable to your session goals. You may also have your own coaching points!

  • When running with the ball, players carry the ball in two hands.
  • Passes are weighted in terms of distance, accuracy, and speed.
  • Passes should not be spun over short distances.
  • Players define a successful pass as one that has reached its target.
  • Players come onto the ball at pace.
  • Players communicate with each other - deciding direction etc.
  • Communication is encouraging.
  • When players make a hit, they keep their head up in advance of the hit.
  • Players make contact with their head up - and with their shoulder.
  • Player act in a way that is safe for themselves and for each other.
  • Players drive through contact, driving using their body weight and a strong leg drive.
  • When driving, footsteps are short and controlled.
  • The tempo of the exercise is high!

Hi Simon, thanks for the reply but I don't see the drill attached.... am I missing something???

Sorry Mawgan

Computer glitch - here it is!


Progression in ruck

Video / Animation
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In groups of four, the ball carrier runs out, turns and passes the ball to the second player. The first player then becomes a defender. Player 2 goes into contact and tries to drive the defender forward but when stopped, slides down to ground and presents the ball. Player 3 then drives over player 2, clearing the defender out of the way. Player 4 picks up the ball and runs on to the end where the drill is restarted running back down the grid

Coaching Points:
  • Ensure all players are properly warmed up
  • Protect the ball from the defender during the drive
  • Good body position on the floor, parallel to goal line
  • Present ball with two hands
  • Cover head with hands
  • 1st Support player should step over the man on the floor, in a low strong body position
  • 2nd Support player must be quick to pick up ball
  • Player on the ground (No 2) must get up quickly and support new ball carrier
  • Rotate players through each role
  • Only Player 3 can score.
  • Keep ball on hip away from opposition
  • Drive hard with legs pumping.
  • Good low body position
  • Ball presentation with two hands.

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