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Put Pressure On Your Rival's Movement Session Thumbnail
Put Pressure On Your Rival's Movement

We look at how to take control of rallies by manipulating the opponent around the court. Instead of forcing shots, start winning rallies with controlled shots into space.

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  • Player stands at the net.
  • Coach feeds random balls and moves to one side after every feed.
  • Player executes volley into the open court.

Coaching points

  • The player works on volley control that is related to opponent positioning.
  • Being aware of rival's position on the court gives great advantage because players can use less risk to hit winners or really forcing a shot.
  • That is why it is crucial to train perception because it can make our game much easier.


  • To progress this drill, the coach can feed more difficult balls or move to one side later to check how quickly player can make decision about direction of own shot.

Drill tags: volley, open space, winner

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