Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Players stands on the service line. 
  • Deep zone is set on the deuce side. 
  • Player and coach rally together.
  • Coach hits balls in 3 directions: deuce, middle and ad. 
  • Player hits all the balls deep to the deuce side using volleys.

Coaching points

In this drill player works on consistency with volleys hit from the service line. At the beginning player has to understand that control is the goal for this exercise. To achieve good consistency player has to maintain good footwork, solid focus and proper tactical approach. Coach can vary own shots to see what kind of balls are easy for the player to respond and what type of balls create difficulty. With more advanced players coach can set number of balls hit into the zone in a row to see if player is able to deal with pressure and still maintain required consistency.

Drill tags: backhand, depth, forehand, movement, tennis, volley

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