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The complete backhand volley Session Thumbnail
The complete backhand volley

Get your players to master the backhand volley and dominate at the net with this session!

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The player and coach stands close to the net. The coach changes positions on the court and throws balls to the backhand side. The player executes backhand volley back to coach with control.

Coaching points

Big backswing and too much power are two most common mistakes made by players while hitting volleys. It is crucial to understand that volley shot uses power from the opponents shot so there is no need to generate additional one. That is why players have to learn how to control the ball and hit it exactly where they want. Especially because the first volley's goal is to hit and have time to come closer to the net so a lack of precision or too much power can give advantage to the opponent.

In this drill, the player works on controlling skills. Good net-game players can vary pace, spin and racquet's face position to achieve control and hit the ball where they want. This exercise gives a good visual feedback to players where they should aim and additionally it looks like a rally between the player and coach so both will try to make it as long as possible. The coach can vary difficulty by changing positions, throwing the ball faster or forcing player to hit from more uncomfortable positions. For more advanced players, the coach can hit with player to shorten reaction time and observe whether control is maintained.

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