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The complete backhand volley Session Thumbnail
The complete backhand volley

Get your players to master the backhand volley and dominate at the net with this session!

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Stations are set. The player takes position and the coach feeds the ball to the backhand side. The player hits backhand volley cross-court. If the player makes the ball into the zone he can move to the next station, and if they don't, they have to try again.

Coaching points

There is no one good backhand volley. Changes in positioning, pace of the ball as well as height of the incoming ball are factors that force the net player to adjust. Being able to shorten backswing, open the racquet's face more or generate more pace using lower and upper body are skills that allow players to be successful both in singles and in doubles. Players who have more than ”one” backhand volley will never be surprised even during crucial moments in the match.

In this drill, the player works on control and adaptation of backhand volley. Hitting from different positions on the court forces the player to make necessary adaptations both to technical and tactical aspects. Players start to understand what they can achieve closer to the net and what they have to change when they try to hit the same target while being positioned behind the service line. For more advanced players, the coach can make this drill more competitive and count how many balls they need to go through all stations.

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