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Coach feeds balls to the 'ad' side. Player hits 2 forehands inside out and 1 forehand inside in.

Coaching points

The forehand is definitely the biggest weapon in modern tennis. Pro players finish most of the points using this shot, so players at all levels should try to make this shot as good as possible. Possessing a good forehand from all parts of the court gives Player a big advantage to put pressure on their opponent in all situations. Proper power, placement and consistency are needed to make sure that athletes can use specific shots to capitalise on the opponent's weaknesses.

Coaching Points

In this drill, Player creates an advantage using a forehand stroke from the backhand side. Getting balls over and over again to the backhand side doesn't mean that we have to hit those balls with the backhand. Good footwork and quick decision-making can allow players to use their forehand and push the opponent into a defensive position. Hitting the first 2 forehands inside out pushes the opponent back and makes him hit difficult backhand strokes. After 2 shots, Player decides to change direction and put their opponent on the run, using an inside in forehand stroke. For more advanced players, Coach can adjust the drill so Player changes direction only on short balls. This variation will teach Player to build the point and hit inside in at the most effective moment.

Drill tags: consistency, cross court, down line, forehand, tennis, variation

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