Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Coach rallies with player.
  • Coach stays in ad corner.
  • Coach uses own shots to move player around the court.
  • Player hits all the balls back to the ad corner using only forehand stroke.

Coaching points

In this drill, player's main goal is to hit all forehands to ad side but there are many more benefits than just to control the ball in given direction. To be able to hit all forehands from the whole court player has to quickly move around the court. That's why this drill improves footwork a lot. Additional benefit of long and controlled rallies is improved stamina so coach should communicate before the drill why players should focus on consistency. Let's not forget also about ability to hit with control while being tired. Many players play really well during the first gems of the match but their performance drop in the final set. The reason of this action is that they don't practise shots while being tired. Coach should remind players about these benefits and make them work as hard as possible to obtain many different improvements in short period of time.

Drill tags: backhand, control, forehand, ground strokes, tennis

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