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Coach feeds first ball shorter to the ad side. Player moves inside the court and hits offensive forehand inside out. Coach feeds another ball short to the deuce side. Player finishes with forehand drop shot cross-court.


Coaching points

In this drill, Player works on the offensive scenario of a forehand inside out into a forehand drop shot. Being able to run around the backhand and use the stronger forehand is an advantage that all players should strive to create. Shorter balls should be dominated using a forehand stroke to put pressure on the opponent to force a rushed decision and illicit an error from them. Additionally when we are able to mix offensive deep shots with a well-placed drop shot, we become really dangerous for all opponents. Our rivals don't know whether they should move back from the baseline to respond to the deep ball or to stay on the baseline to be able to get to drop shot. This hesitation will not let the opposition settle and will impact their positioning, forcing them to be out of position for whatever shot type you play.


Drill tags: forehand, movement, positioning, tennis, variation, volley

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