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The coach stands behind the player. The player works with fast feet, and then the coach throws the ball over the player's head, who then has to catch the ball in the air. This exercise is a good warm-up tool to work on quick movement and reaction. Knowing how fast modern game is, these skills are necessary to become a good net-game player.

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Rally from the service line is a good drill to work not only on volleys but also to improve important tennis skills like reaction and consistency. Short distance from each other means that players can't lose focus even for a second so coach should emphasize proper mental approach to achieve desired results.

In this exercise, players work on consistency, control and placement. The coach should tell players to bend knees really low to react faster and be able to respond to low shots. Many juniors make mistake with hitting the volley and straightening legs what results in late next volleys because of the lost rhythm.

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