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Control and Consistency on the Court Session Thumbnail
Control and Consistency on the Court

In this session we look at building consistency and control into rallies. We look at each skill you might use at different points throughout the rally and work on getting the basic technique of these skills perfect.

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  • Cones are set not too far away from the player.
  • Player self-feeds the ball and hits backhand.
  • Player tries to hit all the cones.
  • This exercise can be done both in individual or team format so coach can make adjustments according to the number of the kids on the court.

Coaching points

  • In this drill the player works on racquet and pace control.
  • Small distance to the target teaches player to resist using too much power and focus solely on controlling the ball.
  • Additionally the player can significantly improve point of contact of the backhand stroke because without hitting in front of the body it is almost impossible to make the target. 

Drill tags: backhand strike, control, individual

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