Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following......

  1. The first attacking unit will go, at the same time 2 of the defenders will round the top of the grid and defend. It is effectively a 3 v 2 situation.
  2. When the attack is complete the defence should return to their starting position behind the next group of defenders. The attackers should also return to their starting position, behind the next attack.
  3. The next attack and defence should now go.
  4. This activity should be at pace, and it is full contact.
  • Don't forget to change the defenders with attackers.

Coaching points

  • Attacker have their heads up, they scan the training area.
  • Communication needs to be at the heart of the attack and the defence.
  • Decision making should be justified based on what is happening, or what the attack want to happen.
  • Defenders apply pressure, aware that a mistake by the attack is as good as a tackle.
  • Attackers work at pace, seeking to exploit a lack of organization.

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