Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell the players the following....

  1. Players will advance as a line, and as one hit the pads.
  2. The pads can also advance as a line.
  3. If the pads do advance, they should return to their starting positions.
  4. The players hitting the pads just the end of the lines, ready to go again.
  5. The nest line should go when the players on the pads area ready.
  • Don't forget to change the players on the pads.

Coaching points

  • Up as one line, only as fast as the slowest player.
  • Hands out, shoulders big.
  • Good communication, Listen!!
  • Heads up, scanning, aware of your fellow defenders.
  • Work in 3 player units, who is on my left, my right, where are they.
  • Hit low and hard, take the knee and drive through the contact.

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