Volleyball Drill Demonstration


Full defense vs. hitter(s) & setter.

Hitter attempts to outscore defense.

Coach toss to setter, setter sets hitter.  Defense attempts to play the ball back over the net.

Drill is over when success conditions hit.

Coaching points

This can be run with many variations:

Hitter must score 10 to get out of drill.

Competition between Hitter and Defense - first to 10.

Hitter gets 3 and rotates out with next hitter.

Two or Three Hitters live and total of 10, 10 before 10, or 3 for each hitter in order for that hitter to switch out with next hitter.

This can be a very long drill at times depending on the success criteria and skill of hitter, setter, defense.

Additional criteria can be added depending on what team needs to focus on - examples - defense resets to 0 on any ball not touched, certain zones can be off limits to hitters and score rests to 0 when hit there, etc.

Created by Harry, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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