Volleyball Drill Demonstration


Players pair up with one ball.

Player at back line begins to run low towards cone.

Partner tosses short ball to 10' line.

Passer control passes ball to partner who can take no more than one step to catch the ball.

Players switch roles after 10 successful attempts.

Coach can / should have players run this on left of cone, then on right of cone to get practice with multiple angles.

Drill ends after coach-designated number of successful attempts per player.

Coaching points

Runners should track ball by running low to ground.

Platform should be out away from body.

Platform should be angled to get ball to target.

Passers should call mine.

Passers should hold finish, then back-pedal quickly to starting position.

Tossers should offer feedback and encouragement.

Increase reps and difficulty by adding deep toss for player to pass from back-pedal immediately after passer completes pass of short toss.

Created by Harry, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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