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This is a drill designed to promote consistency in team passing.  It is goal-oriented and based on results.

Players line up in defense or serve receive, depending on the ball entry type (free ball, down ball, serve). Players rotate into the drill from the sideline or the backline.  If from the side, players should move to the next spot (from zone 1 to 6 to 5). If from the backline, players should replace the player that just attempted to pass / receive.

The goal of this drill is to correctly pass 20 balls of varying entry types (free ball, down ball, serve, etc.) in order to move to the next entry type.  The drill is called 100 ball because it is normally run with 5 iterations of entry types (5x20=100).

In order for an attempt to count towards the current 20, the player must "correctly" pass the attempt.  A basic definition of "correct" is an attempt that is passed into the target area (typically considered a pass that would be scored as a "2" or "3").  Once 20 correct attempts are completed, the entry type changes to the next on the list.

The count of correct attempts is reduced to zero in any number of coach-set conditions.  For the basic drill, the count should reset to zero of each ball that hits the floor without contact by a player first, overpasses, and any ball that is not called by the player.

The basic version of this drill uses the following entry types and order:

20 Free Balls

20 Down Balls

20 Serves

20 Down Balls

20 Free Balls

Coaching points

Difficulty can be raised or lowered in a number of ways.

Lowering difficulty:

Increased size of target zone

Relaxed emphasis on form

Easier ball entry by coach

Raising Difficulty:

More difficult entries of the ball into play (tougher serves, tougher down balls, etc.)

Emphasis on passing technique (no swinging arms, hold finish, getting low, moving in athletic posture, platform away from body, etc.)

Change the rules for calling the ball - players not actively passing must call the name of the person who will pass, players must say the name of an animal (no repeats), players must call out a unique color, etc.

The team must complete their current set of 20 in less than xx attempts.

Increase the conditions where the count could get reset to zero for the current 20.

Created by Harry, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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