Volleyball Drill Demonstration



1. Set to self, set back to Partner.

2. Partner runs back and forth from the attack to base line.

3. After 5 swap roles.


1. Dig a down ball on a digonal, come in for the tipped ball.

2. After 5 swap roles.

Court Movement:

1. Hit the ball to position 4, dig up for setter.

2. Hit the ball to position 5, dig up for setter.

3. Hit the ball to position 6, dig up for setter.

4. Hit the ball to position 2, dig up for setter.

Setter Movements: 3 people

1. Throw the ball over the net.

2. First player sets the ball, setter sets it.

3. Setter goes underneath the net and as as setter for the oppsing player.


Coaching points

1. Dig high to enable setter to get to the ball.

Created by Shantel, Volleyball Teacher, Australia

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