Hockey Drill Demonstration


Pressing/Outletting exercise used to train varios pressing strategies.

Coaching points

Split the field in half to practice pressing on either side.

Team A (Blue) outletting:

  • Aim is to score over the half way line
  • CB passes to RB/LB
  • RB/LB then try to either run down the line, pass down the line to high forward or connect with midfielders

Team B (Red) pressing:

  • Aim in this situation is the full court press.
  • As CB passes to RB/LB, he then cuts the CB off from OB and reverese pressses the OB either looking to shave the OB or create a double tackle scenario with OF.
  • OF steps at 45' onto the OB in order to win the ball. (Don't fly in)
  • OM closes the line on both sides trying to force infield run/pass.
  • CM steps into pocket to turn over/intercept OB.

Various presses may be implenented in this drill. 

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