Hockey Drill Demonstration


Player 1 starts with ball runs to hats working her way through using drag back when indicated then moves through final hat and passes back. then leads across receive ball in of front hats opposite side. Collects ball then heads for far hat drag back and then head for circle to score.

Variation 1: Add defender - who holds behind hats until pass has been made.  Then steps up to put pressure on attacker while recieveing ball.

Variation 2:  2nd Defender is add from back line once attacker has crossed 23yrd line.

Variation 3: Add another defender starts from back line only engages once player enters 23yrs area. also add another attacker.  Player 2 who after passing the ball to player 1 then runs to hat on right of circle and links with Player 1to try and score

Coaching points

Keep the intensity through out drill ensuring passes are stick to stick.

Ensure Drags are being done with stick and ball contact and in one motion. Ensure they move thier feet to ensure it is done well and ball is protected.

Defenders to start passive and then to work with intensity ad drill builds. 

Work on the burst of speed needed to change direction after drag and when avoiding defendersl.

Improve ball + stick control incorporating receiving under pressure.while leadingGame relatedHockey Drills Coaching