Hockey Drill Demonstration


Points for before the game:

Good quality warm up, don’t doss around

Make sure people know the starting line up -->

Press is ¾ German (you should all know this by now)

Attacking corners like we practised in training

Defensive short corners run a 3-1. we ran through this before the last BUCS match. someone should know what they're doing to be able to explain

Make sure during the game there is a high work rate

Subs will need to run themselves so midfield and attack try to roll on around 8 minutes, defenders about 10-12 minutes

During the game work on keeping the ball, don't make risky passes.

If a channel is not working change the point of attack round the back 4

If we are 1 goal down with not long to go maybe go to a kicking back and play 4 in the midfield. We have done this every game so far so shouldn't be anything new to you!!

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