Hockey Drill Demonstration


Ball begins with LB, transferred to RB

Attack aim to get ball under control over the half way line (in goal)

Defence aim to win ball and counter-attack to goal.

If breaks down, whistle, ball dropped and played counter to goal. 

Coaching points


Run of RF to cut off ball back to LB.

Space between LF, IL, TD – nothing through them. Communication from IL.  TD must not let ball back inside to CH

Allow pass to RH but LF close enough to be in position to pressure – LF runs diagonally back to block line pass, then presses (Right Shoulder to Right Shoulder): Chop and Block/ Channel onto open stick (towards middle of pitch.

Overall – when ball is progressed forward from back line – aggressive and proactive: do not allow players time and space to play.

When ball is won; look to transfer quickly out of channel and counter-attack through space (height and width)

Attacking circle entries - Low body position, anticipate, location, 

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