Hockey Drill Demonstration


Split into separate age groups

Use cones to divide the half pitch diagonally and place a goal on half way line. Push the 7 a side goals away from the sidelines

u16s shoot into main goal, u14s shoot into goal on half way line

Defenders in bibs (have roughly equal numbers of attack and defence)

Everyone start on the sideline, defenders in the defensive 25, attackers in the 25 away from goal. Coach calls 2 numbers, first is the number of attackers, 2nd is number of defenders.

Attackers take the ball from the furthest point from the goal and aim to score. Defenders aim to clear the ball out wide.

The practice restarts if the ball goes off or a goal is scored.

After 5 mins, get the players in as attack and defence in separate groups and get them to come up with 3 ways they can improve their team performance.

The players should suggest these improvements:


Stretch the play - there should always be a player high (nearest baseline/goal), a player deep (nearer the half way line), a player wide (nearer the sideline)

Drive left foot space - attack the defender's left foot (defender's reverse stick side)

Communication - let your teammates know where you are

Dont turn your back on a defender - because then you cant see where the space is to attack

Make lead runs off the ball to create space to receive the ball


Defend 'line to goal' - if you draw a line from the attacker with the ball to the centre of the goal, the defender nearest the attacker should be stood on this line.

Channel - push the attacker out wide. In this scenario, push the attacker to the defender's left sideline.

Engage early - defender should go and engage the attacker with the ball, not wait until the attacker gets to them.

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