Hockey Drill Demonstration


Mix up the age groups. If there are more than 12 players, set up 2 drills using the 7 a side goals.

5 players in a zig zag, no more than 5m apart from each other. Balls start at first player. First player passes to 2nd player and follows their pass. Ball carries along to final player who strikes from top D.

Safety - do not collect balls after shot. Use up the whole pile of balls then collect all the balls as a team.

If there is more than 1 keeper, start with push shots then progress to slaps, then hits, as the keeper warms up.

Run through the drill once, then ask the players for 2 ways they can improve the quality

The players should suggest these improvements (dont give them the answers):

Communication - players shout the name of the person they are receiving from and the player they are passing to.

Positive feet - feet should always be pointing in the way the ball is going to be passed on to - not where the ball is coming from.

Shoot on sight - shoot as soon as enter the D

Stick on floor ready to receive - show the player passing where you want to receive the ball

Push passes in the zig zag and hit when shooting

Ball speed

Receiving from the right - should receive ball on back foot

Receiving from the left - should receive ball in front of front foot

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