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Soccer training - defending drills 1

The simple fact of the game: it is very difficult for the other team to beat you if they can't score. The other reality is that everyone on the team h...



Community Drills

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For the second part of this drill instead of the grid containing two groups of the three it now has one group of six and the ball must

Defense - Containment - Possession

Defense - Containment - PossessionBall MovementDefense stay low and force ball carrier which direction you wantReceive ball with correct foot while fa...

Defending (Pushing Out)

Setup: 20x20 with goals on opposite corners.Play 1v1 with D1 passing the ball into play to F1F1 attempts to advance the ball toward goal while D1 cont...

1v1 Defend and Contain to OS

Divide into 2 teams to be played 1v1. Attacker advances ball to attempt to score in one of the goals by dribbling trough the goal. Defender's objectiv...