Wide Attack

category: Sevens

Rugby Wide Attack Sevens Start with the left most attacking unit taking on the 2 defenders in front of them. When they get past, they pass the ball t...

M1 (Looper) Attacking Wide

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby M1 (LOOPER) Attacking Wide Backs Moves See the diagram for suggested starting positions. 10 moves forward carrying the ball. 12 loops around 1...

Wide Passing Lines

category: Sevens

Rugby Wide Passing Lines Sevens The two feeders should be 15 meters apart and will........ Feed the left most attacking unit with a ball, they will m...

Narrow Channel Passing

category: Passing

Rugby Narrow Channel Passing Passing Drill to practice attacking in a small channel. Set up a channel roughly 20m wide and 5m long. Position threeƂ ....

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Community Drills

Squash out

The 13 center drifts inside, while the 12 loops the 13. 15 is working to the outside of the loop with the winger for a wide attack.


Strong side attack from scrum- 8 plays a pass to the 9 3 meters wide. 15 and 13 are attacking off the shoulders of 9. 10 loops behind the 13 and the 1...

Wide Attack Lineout (Homerun)

Ball flows off the top to 9, to 10. Violence Pod runs dummy lines at #2 and #3 defenders. 10 attacks the gap inside #4.1 and 2 from the 2nd pod execut...